softly drift away

Softly drift away before the twelfth hour strikes For it's then that the demons pick their first of many fights That last through the blackness, in you implanted lair Of secret storms silent, conducted all in the upstairs A stab in the dark - behind a feeble frame Is the guesswork of the legion driving…Read more softly drift away

Agent Elusive

May I not be another pawn Agent of the same old story I want to tell a new one That rips the seams of the clothing we're all tired of wearing To cover our restless beings To clothe a naked beauty Why are we ashamed? As a shy evening bride Hides in darkened light What…Read more Agent Elusive

He's just another no one Got nothing to give Worthless unless he lives the way you live He's got nothing to bring That you deem worthy I screamed in his defense but You said you never heard me Taught I'm not my own My life isn't mine So I owe it to you My energy,…Read more