Can I

Can I call a truce? I’m bursting at the seams

I’m looking for the truth but can’t seem to find what I need

Why do we feel this craving that we’re unable to feed

And kill the very thing that gives our blood the life to breathe

I dove into a sea swimming with the dark unknown

Creatures with eyes we’d recognize as ones not of our own

But perhaps they’re the same ones we saw

In days past when we were outlaws

And wisdom came from the source that we shunned with mental stone

Can I call a truce? ‘Cause either way I’ll lose

To never-ending wars with never-ending traps to prove

So here’s my last love letter to the matter now at hand

I’ll try and not stutter as I speak its words bland

I’ve lost all that I knew and I want to start again

With no one else but one called you

So will you take my hand?


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