Pick and Choose

Pick and choose, omit and fuse
Your every whim and wish
Video game, perfectly tame
Controlled by plastic switch
On and off, at your command
Delight, control to reprimand
To gloat in power that elevates
Mind’s leash to choke, show no restraint

Children of the void call themselves
Bringers of the light
Light’s true offspring you wouldn’t know,
Hidden from your sight
The sun and stars they call my name
I tremble at this thought
That I, one of clay and earth
Am one you’ve always sought
Humbled by the quaking roots
Tree’s older than my kin
I know my small shout into it all
Means more than I could begin
To understand the unknown to man
Your ways a mystery
But heal these eyes
I’m not satisfied
Water a broken dream

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