the sound that is you

What does it really mean to be?
What does it really mean to see?
To look into the eyes of the one you love
Through ominous clouds and see sun above
To walk in time with the rhythm of life
To sing in tune with the clear pitch of time

It all makes sense,
Yet nothing does at all
And that’s the best part
Turning ear to the call
So let the pieces fall, let them fall as they may
Let the actors in the plastic all fade away
Let chaos and order have the final say
As a scale in perfect balance they firmly dictate
Hand in hand, they are one, one and the same
They cradle this existence, as they hold up and say:
“Your every breath holds the promise of a million moons,
Lighting up unseen hearts, but coming forth are they soon
Your pebble tossed lightly in the bubbling forest creek
Ran down the river wide, now the sea fiercely speaks
Of the ripple you made with your humble little stone
So know your worth, your place, your name, and your home;
Your soft words spoken into evening’s lazy breeze
Turned to mighty rushing wind,
Stirring hills, splitting trees.”
Again we overlook the tattered, ragged soul,
Homely and plain
Doesn’t know the word vain
We refuse him a shelter,
Yet clothe him in shame.
But we are the poor,
And he is the rich –
A heart made of gold
Refined through the Sift.

And now, I can’t look at you the same
I see the gift beneath the skin you call stained
Yes, the walls come crumbling down in that brief moment you encountered one whose life’s hymn was love.
And it smashed your cemetery of stone
The creaking casket you built for yourself
Has gathered a lonely layer of dust
So don’t you worry,
Your origins are irreversibly divine.
You’re coming with me now, let me introduce you to yourself.

Lullaby of hope, let it water a dry and cracked heart
I’ll hold you in my arms
Whisper it to you as you drift into sleep
For if I did while you were awake, you wouldn’t yet believe.
The very threads of our existence
Tenderly woven into an infinite tapestry
Mirroring the universe’s face
You and I a single stroke on this canvas
But the picture incomplete without the color that we bring
So let me hear your voice ring
Even if it’s a single note
I want to hear you.
For the sound that is you reverberates
from the hills’ highest peaks
to the bottomless seas
from the north
to the south
from the west to the east
In eternal refrain,
Join the marvelous feast,
Bring your harmony from which
All discord must cease.

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