He’s just another no one
Got nothing to give
Worthless unless he lives the way you live
He’s got nothing to bring
That you deem worthy
I screamed in his defense but
You said you never heard me

Taught I’m not my own
My life isn’t mine
So I owe it to you
My energy, my time
Well here it all is
Are you happy yet? No
Your insatiable appetite
I watch it steadily grow
What is it you want?
What is it you need?
See the duct tape,
It’s going
On the mouths you refuse to feed
We’ll starve to our death
If that’s what you desire
We’ll open the furnace
Throw ourselves in the fire
Trapped in this silence
I guess this is fate
All I can do now is
Pray, hope and wait

Then confusion creeps in
Yes, maybe it’s me?
Perhaps I’m the fool
And me the toxic weed
But I can’t ask you
For I know what you’ll say
Time will only tell
Time’s the only way
The gauge of the truth
For truth must endure
If truth dies, I die
That I know for sure

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