A Wind’s Whisper

provoked wind whipping carelessly ’round your face
full of fury, invisible retaliation
seething with rage, fearlessly building
trees splitting, oceans trembling
but you weren’t phased
you looked straight into the Eye
unmoved by nature’s fit of anger
like a boulder’s laughter at a lesser foe’s posturing
to uproot what was destined to stay
it was in your blood to remain
and in your bones to carry the heavy burden
they say they don’t want to be the sand
full of false promise of unfulfilled beauty
but will they carry the weight it takes to be the rock
the ugly, loathsome thing
always in the way, a pain

the violent air now screaming in your ear
‘I come to destroy you,
I bring the vultures to pick at what’s left of you’
and as you do nothing but remain
remain as you are, solid and plain
shrill screams they grow distant
yes, quieter still
soon a far call
like a flower’s last wilt
what once surrounded
now dot on horizon
what once it did thrive in
now begrudgingly it dies in
so remain as you are
solid and plain
through ebb and through flow
through wax and through wane
be not afraid
of the fickle air’s game
of its threats and its bets
on an untouchable name

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