Don’t Let The Flame Die

Tossed to and fro like the waves of the sea

I have to live for more than this fleeting frivolity

Eternity calls,

I hear it clear as day

When all is said and done

I don’t want to fade away

But my soul feels dormant

Listless and stale

Weeping for change,

Release from its jail

Locked up a reckless flame

Not unshakeable

Certainly not unbreakable

Are you satisfied?

Are you empty?

Do you tremble at the thought of our

imminent fragility?

Dew drops wet on my face,

I peer up at the sky

The sun always rises

After the longest nights

As will you

And as will I

He carries us through the dark into the light

So never lose sight of the reason why

We are here in this place, here in this time

Don’t let go of the promise, don’t let that flame die

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