“Queen Anne Drive” – The Ruby Shots

This has again become one of my current jams! My favorite song off their EP, Aide-Mémoire, "Queen Anne Drive" has that distinctive energy of all my favorite indie poprock. With its unique, distinguishing vocals and a nostalgic chorus that somehow brings me back to my Angels and Airwaves days, it's definitely been blasted many a time…Read more “Queen Anne Drive” – The Ruby Shots


Stillness surrounds me Cocooned in darkness I fall in dream's dancing embers On ancient coals I rest Burning through my thin veil of flesh They warm my cold insides Visions of an unseen day illuminate the skies The trees reach out their hands in invitation The moon sighs in affirmation The howling wind wraps 'round…Read more Reprieve


  The way you follow me in secret Pressed to my back and close to my spine An invisible friend in the dark I catch you on the sky's brighter days My phantom fugitive Your ephemeral desires? Oh, you futile mind.